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Red Anti-static EPE Lining

BOE contacted our Company via Google and consulted about the EPE packaging linings customized for its vehicle displays, the products should not be bumped during transportation, and the EPE packaging linings should be waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof, environmentally friendly, anti-static (to the power of 6~8), highly collision-resistant and meeting customs requirements on import and export.

Considering the transportation safety of the vehicle displays, we recommended anti-static EPE which is highly shockproof and has good plasticity, we also provided the test reports, which prove that our materials meet EU system certification.

BOE also realized that EPE could meet their package demands, and sent product samples to us and requested us to make drawings and EPE packaging lining samples.

After the product samples were delivered, our Technical Department measured detailed dimensions and appearances of the to-be-packaged products, we discussed and reached agreements with BOE about dimensions of final EPE packaging linings and numbers of products packed by different EPE packaging linings.

Technical Department made drawings in accordance with the BOE requirements, issued such drawings to Production Department and requested them to make EPE packaging lining samples in accordance with the drawing requirements the following day.

After the EPE packaging lining samples were finished, Technical Department conducted inspection (anti-static value), trial packaging and drop test (buffering performance) over the samples, took and sent photos and videos to BOE for initial confirmation. Upon initial confirmation, we sent the EPE packaging lining samples to BOE for trial packaging. Generally, we made and sent 2~3 EPE packaging lining samples to BOE.

BOE was satisfied with the EPE packaging lining samples and immediately placed an order for mass production.

For mass production, our Technical Department issued drawings to Mold Department for mold production; Production Department and Mold Department communicated about details of the molds; at the same time, Production Department prepared raw materials and plates, and cut them into needed sizes. After the molds were produced, Stamping Department and Adhesive Department carried out further production. Quality Department inspected the first EPE packaging lining; after the first EPE packaging lining passed the inspection, mass production was started; during mass production, Quality Department randomly inspected the finished EPE packaging linings to assure the qualified rate.

After the finished EPE packaging linings were put into the warehouse, Transportation Department evaluated their volume and weight, arranged logistics, delivered them to BOE factory, informed BOE, and provided BOE with information about storage methods and precautions about the EPE packaging linings.

After the finished EPE packaging linings were delivered, BOE conducted trial packaging, and the EPE packaging linings passed such trial. Within 3 days, our After-sales Service Department contacted BOE about usage of the EPE packaging linings, BOE was satisfied and had no issue. BOE expressed that they looked forward for future cooperation.


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