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Xinyufeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Xinyufeng Industrial is ESD packaging manufacturer, Our offerings include Anti-static foam, ESD Conductive Foam, and ESD tray products, all of which are crafted from materials such as PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam, Hollow board, and PP corrugated Box.

ESD/Anti-Static Foam

Anti-static EPE foam is expandable Color polyethylene foam, is a kind of non-cross-linked closed cell foam. It has anti-static properties by adding anti-static liquid, and the regular color is pink and red. The regular size is 80*610*2800mm, the surface antistatic value is 10^8-10^11.

ESD EPE Foam Features

  • Main material: EPE foam
  • Size:customized
  • Surface resistance:10^8-11
  • Color: Pink / Red/ Blue
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: short time around 6 month.

ESD EPE Foam Advantages

  • Softer than PE and EVA foam, Eco friendly.

ESD EVA Foam is made of PE, ethylene vinyl acetate, and additives through fixed molding, creating a permanent anti-static foam. It comes in rolls, sheets, trays, lining, tape, and shock-absorbing sheets. Its closed-cell structure differs from PE foam with higher density (about 85kg/m3) and various colors like black, blue, red, and white. The range expands with increasing customer demand.

ESD EVA Foam Features

  • Main material: EVA foam
  • Size: customized
  • Surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Color: Black / Blue / Red
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: Permanently

ESD EVA Foam Advantages

Single layer thick up to 70mm, easy to process molding.

ESD PE Foam, also known as Antistatic polyethylene foam or Anti static IXPE foam, is a permanent antistatic material made from polyethylene with foaming agents and conductive agents. It comes in rolls, sheets, trays, lining, tape, and shock absorbers. Regularly black, odorless, with closed-cell structure and densities of 45kg/m3, 67kg/m3, it meets various anti-static packaging needs.

ESD PE Foam Features:

  • Color:Black
  • Material: PE material
  • Size:Customized.
  • Color: Black/ Pink / Red
  • Surface resistance:10^3-9
  • Cell structure: closed cell.
  • Anti static time: Permanently

ESD PE Foam Advantages
No smell, Eco-friendly.

ESD Foam Inserts is made of  ESD foam or anti static foam, such as EPE foam, EVA foam, PE foam and PU foam, by die-cutting, shaping, bonding, Carving by adhesive or heating, and make it in all kinds of shape as different products needed,which is a quite good foam packaging material.

ESD Foam Inserts Features

  • Available as custom convoluted sets,cut to your specifications.
  • Excellent vibration dampening.
  • Ideal as electronic component packaging, protecting sensitive resistors, computer chips and other electronics.
  • foam structure, available in pink and black color.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Easily cut into foam pads, shapes, sheets, liners.

ESD EPE Foam Advantages

  • Softer than PE and EVA foam, Eco friendly.

Looking for uniquely customized ESD foam packaging?

XYFPackaging offers a comprehensive range of ESD products including Anti Static Foam, ESD Tray, EPE Foam . Our extensive selection caters to the diverse needs of electronic factories, manufacturers, transportation, storage, turnover, and packaging requirements.
We provide a wide variety of Anti Static Foam options to suit your specific needs. Choose from PE foam, EVA foam, EPE foam, PU foam, and various colors such as black, red, and pink. With such versatility, you can select the right products that align with your unique requirements.

Our Advantages

Production Capability


One-stop Packing Solution


Expertise In ESD Foam Production

20+ Years

One-stop Packing Solution

Advanced Technology and Equipments


Customization Advantages

One- stop supplier for ESD Foam packaging

Cost control of raw material foaming

Customized according to the samples and drawings provided

From sampling, production, packaging to transportation

Your one-stop packaging solution expert

OEM Process

1.Receiving inquiry → 2. Fesibility study&quotation → 3. Price accepted → 4. Confirm the sample and production details → 5. Buyer’s payment for development charge → 6. sample developing → 7. Sample approval → 8. Orders placed → 9. Downpayment → 10. Order production → 11. Balance of payment made → 12. Shipment fromfactory


Customized ESD Foam


ESD Foam








Electronics, electrical appliances, computers, medical devices,

industrial personal computers, hardware products, crafts, ceramics,

household appliances, furniture, alcohols and wines etc.

Product turnover and transport packaging.

Delivery Time

OEM: 15-30 days after receiving payment.





Static foam typesOrdinal ESD Foam FeaturesFoam ShapeESD TypeOdor
ESD PE FoamSingle Thickness: 0.5-7mmRoll / Sheet / TrayPermanentlyNo Odor
Laminated :100mm
Color: Black
ESD EVA FoamSingle Thickness: 0.5-70mmSheet / Block/ TrayPermanently—–
Laminated :100mm
Color: Black/Blue/Red
ESD EPE FoamSingle Thickness: 3-50mmSheet / Tray/ InsertAround 6 MonthsNo Odor
Laminated :100mm
Color: Black,Pink, Red

Factory & Workshop


A:We are manufacturer.Full production processes including EPE foaming, extrusion, cutting, drying, laminating,  film covering, hot pressing, and die-cutting

, ect. Are in the same location.

A: Yes, samples can be provided as per your requirements.

A: Yes, customized shapes, designs, colors and functions can be accepted.

A: 3-5 days for sample development. Production lead time: 15-30 days after approval of samples and receiving down payment.

A: Sample or drawing .Order quantity per batch and per year.

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