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How does the EPE foam to be anti-static ?

Many people know the anti-static EPE foam, but may be some of them don’t know how does the EPE foam to be anti-static ?  Let me give a simple introduction about it.

There are two ways for making the EPE foam to be anti static in the current pink anti-static foam manufacturers and suppliers, one by adding the anti-static liquid, and the other way are by adding the antistatic agent. The different details are as below.

1.adding antistatic agent.

It happened during the EPE foam production process. Add a certain dose of antistatic agent to the raw materials of low density polyethylene, if it’s pink color, you’d add the pink color agent. And then extrusion molding, after high-temperature foaming and obtain the anti-static EPE foam products.

Advantages: Because this method by adding antistatic material in the process of initial foaming stage directly, the product’s internal and external anti-static effect will be same and even, can not be fading, which can achieve anti-static effect.

2. External coating anti-static liquid.

When obtain the EPE foam after the foaming process, it is possible to apply a special anti-static liquid on the EPE sponge. In the coating production process, according to the product surface products calculated weighing a certain dose of anti-static liquid, will be evenly dropped on EPE foam, and with a dust-free cloth smear even, when it completely dry, you can obtain anti-static ability.

The use of this method produced EPE foam surface resistance value is 10^8ω, and are not affected by temperature and humidity, can effectively protect electronic products and precision instruments not affected by electrostatic.

The above two ways are most commonly used in the foam factory to make the EPE foam to be anti-static, through these two methods can produce an effective anti-static EPE packaging products for the electronics field.

Why are the EPE foam be so popular in packaging material?

Because static electricity  often occurs during the packing and friction in some products, which may cause adverse damage for some sensitive parts of the product. and anti-static EPE Foam not only smooth surface, with environmental protection, easy to two times the characteristics of molding processing, and also has an excellent anti-static function, which makes it be widely used during the packaging field.

Our pink anti-static EPE foam are made by the first way–Adding the anti-static agent during the production, which makes the anti static resistance same in outside and inner side. the foam quality is higher. If you have any question or interested in the pink anti- static PE foam.  Contact with us.


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